Wardrobe Toolbox – Membership

Whether you’re dreaming of creating an entirely handmade wardrobe or you’ve got your eye on some key pieces, Wardrobe Toolbox is the monthly online programme designed to give you the skills, vision, enthusiasm, and confidence you need.

New skills, in quick, easily digestible lessons.

Do you feel like you’re “winging it” when it comes to your knitting? Have you spent hours creating a sweater only to be disappointed with how it turned out? Wardrobe Toolbox will teach you useful skills, in quick, easily digestible lessons, meaning you’ll never feel overwhelmed or lost. Our relaxed approach will help you feel confident enough to tackle any design and our weekly support means you’ll never feel alone.

A supportive community to cheer you on.

We’re passionate about creating a welcoming space to talk openly and freely, an awesome, kind community of like-minded creators. We welcome people from all walks of life who want to connect with others and support each other to realise our true creative potential. At Wardrobe Toolbox, you’ll be surrounded by a community that shares your love of knitting and is equally passionate about creating clothes that make you feel great in your own skin.

Support to help you feel great in the clothes you make

Life is too short for clothes that don’t make you look and feel great. We’re focused on helping you to connect with your own creativity and capability, by enabling you to make clothes that are perfect for you. Everything we do, from our patterns to our conversations and support, is designed to discover how great you can really feel. Nurturing your creative talent is what we’re here for. Knowing you have access to advice and ideas will give you the confidence to have a go.

What’s inside?

  • Wardrobe Toolbox is delivered in monthly blocks. We’ll let you know what’s coming at the beginning of each month, and every week there’ll be something new to watch, read, or tuck away to use later.

  • You’ll also have access to material from older Seasons, and we’ll help you navigate it and get the most out of all the content by showing you suggestions and pathways to follow.

  • All course materials — including lessons, exclusive knitting patterns, and more — are accessed within our online student portal.

  • You’ll also have access to our private Wardrobe Toolbox Lounge on Facebook for all your questions and lots of fun chatter. Our live masterclass sessions are hosted on Zoom, and then saved to the portal for re-watching later.

Important Information Please Read:

Wardrobe Toolbox is a subscription programme. As such, you’ll have access to Wardrobe Toolbox content while you remain a member.  If you cancel your subscription, you’ll no longer be able to access the membership platform and the information inside.