Sick of knitting sweaters that don’t fit?

Wave goodbye to sizing struggles and unlock the secrets to sweater success with Wardrobe Toolbox.

Establishd in early 2020, Wardrobe Toolbox has been a tremendous resource and supportive community for hundreds of knitters over the years.

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Get ready to fall in love with your sweaters!

    Unlock the secrets to creating perfectly fitting sweaters that you’ll love to wear.

    We believe knitting should be a joy, not a frustration! At Wardrobe Toolbox, we’re on a mission to banish ill-fitting sweaters from your life. With our help, you’ll conquer sizing struggles and unleash your inner knitting superstar.

    Say goodbye to wonky jumpers and hello to knits that fit like they were made just for you (because they will be!). Get ready to knit your way to a wardrobe full of fabulousness!

    Wardrobe Toolbox has been developed by Libby Jonson, the founder and designer of Truly Myrtle.

    Her down-to-earth, relaxed approach and infectious optimism will help you put the happiness back in your hands by inspiring you to give things a go; and give you the skills and confidence to knit garments and accessories you can’t wait to show off.


    Here at Wardrobe Toolbox, you can feel totally at home as you learn and discover, no matter your skill level, personal style or favourite yarn. We make it easy for you to explore and grow, providing guidance and support every step of the way. Because there’s no better feeling than the joy and reward that comes from knitting something you love, that fits and feels fantastic.

    The doors for Wardrobe Toolbox open just twice a year, in March and September, and our ideal members see themselves in one or more of the categories below:

    Grow Your Skills

    Do you feel like you’re “winging it” when it comes to your knitting? Have you spent hours creating a sweater only to be disappointed with how it turned out? Wardrobe Toolbox will teach you useful skills, in quick, easily digestible lessons, meaning you’ll never feel overwhelmed or lost. Our relaxed approach will help you feel confident enough to tackle any design and our weekly support means you’ll never feel alone.

    Community Support

    Here at Wardrobe Toolbox, we’re all about building a cosy, tight-knit community of enthusiastic knitters. Let’s face it, when you’re bursting with knitting excitement, who else really gets it? Imagine, somewhere you can finally chat endlessly about your latest yarn finds and bust dart triumphs without getting glazed-over stares?! Join us, where your passion for creating fabulous jumpers is truly celebrated among kindred spirits.

    Dressing to Feel Fantastic

    Life is too short for clothes that don’t make you look and feel great. We’re focused on equipping you with skills and knowledge to confidently choose and adapt patterns to suit you. Everything we do, from our patterns to our conversations and support, is designed to nurture your creative talent. Knowing you have easy access to friendly support and great tools, will give you confidence and enthusiasm to have a go.

    Get ready to jump into Wardrobe Toolbox when the doors next open!

      What our Members say

      “My confidence has grown and being exposed to lots of others making the same garments has inspired me to make bold colour decisions and not be afraid to show off my new skills in my own knitting community. I love being able to ask questions in the ‘Lounge’ and know that within a matter of minutes my questions will be answered.” – Angela

      “I have the confidence to wear what I have made and not worry what others think or say. After all if I am comfortable in it and love it really doesn’t matter. I also have confidence in trying other yarn types and in looking at fabrics and patterns.” – Barbara

      I love the generous sharing of knowledge and information. And problem-solving. It is a kind, supportive community. During every project there seems to be a puzzle point and there is always someone to talk you through it. No question is too silly. People are happy to share. It is a happy crafting environment.” – Carolyn

      So, What’s Inside Wardrobe Toolbox?

      • Free knitting patterns, designed by Libby Jonson of Truly Myrtle, launched exclusive to Wardrobe Toolbox. Your free patterns (valued at NZD12-16 each) will be uploaded to your Wardrobe Toolbox library every two months. The first one will arrive as soon as we start the Season.
      • Fun monthly lessons to expand your skills, and give you the knowledge and confidence to knit garments and accessories that you love to wear.
      • Clever tools to help you tackle big projects and put your handmade wardrobe dreams into action!
      • Exclusive masterclasses with awesome experts on a range of topics around knitting, creating a handmade wardrobe, living a creative life, and style.
      • Friendly live-streamed video chats with Libby. Bring your questions and be inspired!
      • Knit-alongs and fun challenges for you and your wardrobe.
      • An invitation to join our supportive Wardrobe Toolbox members-only community to get to know your fellow handmade wardrobe enthusiasts, share inspiration & knowledge, and show off your creations! (Facebook required)
      • Check-in with Wardrobe Toolbox on your computer, your tablet and smartphone. Watch the lessons and connect with fellow Wardrobe Toolbox members, no matter where you are.

      • Occasional surprises as a treat!

      Get a reminder when the doors next open!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        The doors to Wardrobe Toolbox open just twice a year, in March and September.

        First launched in March 2020, Wardrobe Toolbox has been a tremendous resource and supportive community for hundreds of knitters over the years. Many knitters who joined in 2020 are still members!

        We’re afraid not. We’re offering a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time if it’s not for you. There won’t be any refunds (and you’ll get a free pattern in the first month!). If you cancel after joining at the special introductory price, and later decide to rejoin, you may pay a higher rate.

        Yes! We’ll give you lots of support to knit your first sweater or cardigan if that’s what you want to do. If you want to only knit shawls and hats, that’s cool too. Brand new knitters might find some of the patterns a challenge, so some knitting experience is recommended.

        Yes! Truly Myrtle garment patterns are designed to fit a wide range of bodies from approx. 30″/76 cm-58″/147.5 cm bust. Depending on the design, we include as many sizes in between as we can.

        The style content, and the information about figuring out what size you are how to make adjustments, may be applicable to both knitting and sewing. We’ll concentrate on knitting skills but if you love to sew, you’re more than welcome to tell us all about your sewing projects! Wardrobe Toolbox encourages knitting, sewing and up-cycling, anything to get you one step closer to your handmade dreams!

        Our aim is to give you lots of tips & tricks that you can use straight away, or store for a rainy day. You can pick and choose whether you join knit-alongs and other events. Just join in however and whenever you want to!

        Absolutely! You can work at whatever pace you prefer. We’ll be delivering new patterns every two months but you’re under no obligation to knit them in that time, or even knit them at all. Just do what you can, ask as many questions as you like, and have fun!

        Yes! All the patterns you’ll be given in the Wardrobe Toolbox programme will be designed by Libby Jonson of Truly Myrtle, but you’re welcome to knit and chat about any other patterns. We do not permit sharing of specific copyright-protected material, but we’ll do our best to give clear advice about fit, and how to interpret directions in other patterns if you’re stuck. We’ll advise you to contact the designer if only they can answer your query, or if there seems to be a problem with the pattern.

        If you want to access our community, join in knit-alongs and challenges, then yep you will need Facebook. The private Wardrobe Toolbox Lounge is hosted on Facebook.

        If it helps, there will be an app you can install onto your phone or device, so you can click straight from there to our private Wardrobe Toolbox Facebook group, bypassing other Facebook distractions!

        The Lounge is designed to be fun and supportive, and our moderators will ensure you feel welcome and at home. 

        We’re so excited about the “style” aspect of Wardrobe Toolbox! We’ve been there too: feeling unsure about what to wear, even who we are right now?! You won’t be alone. We’ll do our best to help you figure out how you want to feel, and what clothes will help you get there. And, as we don’t have all the answers, we’ve got amazing experts joining us from time to time to inspire you too.

        We hope so! Wardrobe Toolbox is a great space to play with what you already know, refine your skills, and make new friends. At the very least you’ll get a few new patterns, fantastic masterclasses with experts and be part of a supportive, creative community. Try it and see!

        Nope. We’ve done our best to make our platform as intuitive as possible.

        We provide quick links to find your way to new classes and live Zoom calls.

        If you have any questions or feel lost, just yell! We’ll come running! xxx

        Want to know when the fun begins again?

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